How to watch the Matrix movies in order

How to watch the Matrix movies in order

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What number of times have you gazed out your window and questioned if the world around you exist? In the movie The Matrix, Morpheus (Lawrence Fishburne), Trinity (Carrie-Ann Moss), and Neo (Keanu Reeves) explore the truth that what they believed to be true was, in fact, false. The Matrix films have captivated audiences since their debut, and now is the perfect opportunity to watch them all in one sitting. 

These Matrix movies will make you re-evaluate all your technological possessions. Currently, there are more technological accessibility, you might want to double-check all your "possible robots" to make sure they aren't going to start fighting. The action and wisdom of The Matrix films might help you see the world in a new light, too.

Where to Stream the Matrix Movies

2022, where can you find the finest spot to stream and watch The Matrix series? An updated list of streaming platforms that currently have The Matrix movies available to see has been prepared!


There is no cost to watch any of the three Matrix movies on HBO Max (if you have a subscription, of course). Included are The Matrix (1999), The Matrix Reloaded (2002), and The Matrix Revolutions (2006). In addition, you may watch The Animatrix on HBO Max, which is available in select countries.

Amazon Prime Video

We’ve now received a double positive! All the worlds of The Matrix are represented here! Amazon Prime Video is a subscription service that costs $5.99 per month and gives you access to a vast library of films and television shows that you can watch online.


On VUDU, you can watch both The Matrix Trilogy and the Animatrix movie series in their entirety.

How to watch the Matrix Movies in Order

If you have only a passing familiarity with the Matrix films, you may be asking what else you need to know about the franchise. There is more to the story than meets the eye, as with the Matrix. To put it another way, "The Matrix Trilogy" is just the beginning.

To obtain a deeper understanding of The Matrix Trilogy, you can rewatch the entire series from beginning to end after you’ve watched the three original films. How to view all three Matrix films and the Animatrix films in order.

The Animatrix: “The Second Renaissance Part 1”

The Second Renaissance Part 1 is set in the mid-21st century and features intelligent robots that look like people. 

The machines' creation and evolution are described in detail in historical files 12-1 of the Zion archive. The devices, designed by man to act as simple laborers and were programmed to do so, toiled hard to carry out their orders. However, they were never accorded any respect. One day, machine B1-66ER is the first to stand up to his master and kills him in cold blood. He has been found guilty, and with him, all machinery. A machine genocide begins; however, some robots can flee to save themselves.

The Animatrix' “The Second Renaissance Part II”

With the robot City isolated and its ambassadors ejected from the United Nations, a trade war begins to protect the human economy from superior products. When the trade war escalates into battle, the machines start a seemingly unstoppable march. With solutions running out, man darkens the sky to try and shut out the machine's primary energy source, but the machines keep coming. 

The Animatrix: A “Detective Story”

Ash, a private investigator, has had it with his job and is ready to go. It's not as exciting as he anticipated, and to make matters worse, he's out of food and money. The phone rings, and Ash tells Dinah that if this is yet another husband who wants his wife to be shadowed, he will quit the business. In contrast, the caller is a very different individual. Specifically, Trinity, a computer hacker, is on his radar, and he wants Ash to check into finding him. Because of his recently updated bank account amount, Ash agrees to take on the task even though he hasn't been able to get the caller's identity. Ash discovers a curious object when he begins his investigation. He isn't the only one hunting for the hacker, but he is the most recent.

The Matrix

The Matrix trilogy begins with Thomas Anderson (Keanu Reeves), Neo. Neo discovers that his life is not his own and that machines control him. As a result, Morpheus (Lawrence Fishburne) and Trinity (Carrie-Ann Moss) drag him out of his reverie and into the actual world, where they and other rebel forces must combat machines aiming to control them.

The Animatrix: “The Kid’s Story”

When a teen experiences nightmare about falling, they become more real than anything else in his life. He seeks information on the internet, but all he gets are some enigmatic responses from his PC. When his phone calls at school, even though it is turned off, he picks it up to hear Neo say, "They know you know and are coming for you.". Once he sees men in dark suits approaching from outside, the youngster takes off on his skateboard and runs as fast as he can.

The Animatrix: “The Final Fight of the Osiris”

When the hover ships The Osiris crew finds a grave threat to the hidden City of Zion, they interrupt Thaddeus and Jue's sexual martial arts fighting practice. The team decides to send a message to the settlement, but the machines quickly pick them up, and the pursuit begins. Until then, Jue must enter the Matrix and hope that her fellow soldiers can hold off the attackers long enough for her to finish her goal.

The Max Reloaded and Enter the Matrix

Neo and the rebel commanders have 72 hours to take Zion back from the Machine Army in this second quest. Over 250,000 Sentinels ready to wipe out humanity are just hours away from the last human settlement on Earth. Citizens of Zion have placed their hopes and expectations on Morpheus' belief that the one would fulfil Morpheus' prophecy and end the battle with the Machines, while Neo cannot discover a way out of his visions.

The Matrix Revolution

Neo is caught in the middle of two worlds: the Matrix Matrix and reality. There is little hope of surviving this impending conflict with the robots for all of Zion's preparations. Neo’s allies set out to release him from The Merovingian because they believe he is the one who will put an end to the human-machine conflict and bring peace to the galaxy. A third party has plans to destroy both worlds, although they're not aware of it now.

The Animatrix: “Beyond”

Yuki, Yoko’s cat, has failed to appear for dinner, which causes her great concern because the cat never misses a meal. She begins her search by approaching neighbors and asking whether they have seen the animal. Then one of the boys’ recounts seeing Yuki in the vicinity of the 'Haunted House,' located farther up in the City. It happens to be a favorite playground for the boy's circle of pals. Yoko quickly discovers that this is no ordinary location. It appears objects are evaporating, feathers morph into birds, and gravity has vanished completely. However, Yoko quickly discovers that the site is also known to a group of particularly irresponsible individuals.

The Animatrix: “The Matriculated”

Alexa, a young woman, living on the surface of the shattered Earth, is being pursued by two sentinels, who appear to be hunting her down. Alexa manages to leave down a tunnel, but the sentinels are still on her tail. Everything, on the other hand, is going as planned. Alexa is a member of a rebel group that has constructed a trap for itself. Although a mechanical gadget has killed one sentinel, Alexa can hinder the other one. The living sentinel is to be used as a test subject for an experiment by the organization. They hope that connecting the sentinel to them all in virtual reality will persuade the artificial creature to support the human cause. However, there isn't much time left.

The Animatrix: “Program”

Like Cis, people who've escaped the Matrix use virtual training programs to sharpen their talents. Duo, a human, appears out of nowhere and joins her. Once they've finished dueling, he continues to talk about how everyone has qualms about leaving The Matrix and the carefree life that comes with it. He's confident that no one will be able to hear them because he's shut down all connectivity with the interface. However, Duo admits to something much more severe. Cis should go with him to the Matrix Matrix, even if she doesn't want to.

The Animatrix: World Record

Dan ran a 100 meters world record of little under 9 seconds but was charged with doping and tested positive. Now he is back, and he is eager to give all. Too much, says his pal, who is anxious that Dan would damage himself by racing too hard in the qualifications. But something unusual is going on with Dan, as machine operatives keep a tight check on him. Fate strikes as Dan's muscles are separated when the race gets there, leading Dan to tumble. And yet he finds the strength to press on, passing his competitors, on his mission to seek the truth.

The Matrix 4

Mr. Anderson, a.k.a. Neo, must decide whether to chase the white rabbit one more time to discover whether his world is a physical or mental creation. Although the choice is an illusion, it is the only path out of or into the MatrixMatrix, as he has discovered. Neo doesn't yet realize that the MatrixMatrix is now more powerful, safe, and dangerous than ever.

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